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Talking About Happiness

In 1998, therapists, practitioners and researchers stopped asking "What's wrong with you" and started asking "What makes you happy?" "What helps you thrive?" Since then the field of Positive Psychology has taken off. This article published in a local paper, continues the conversation about health and happiness.









Gail Glanville



I’m Gail Glanville and I help artists, designers and entrepreneurs market their businesses.


I also write columns for the Lifestyles section of my local Virgin Islands on-line newspaper, St. Thomas Source.


And I work with my 2 brothers and sister-in-law in the family business, Westfall Manufacturing Co., which designs and makes static mixers for the worldwide fluid dynamics industry.


As a writer and marketer, my niche focus is on writing your dynamic “About” page. It's the second most visited page on your website. If people are interested in the product or service you offer on your home page, the next thing they want to know is: “Can you deliver? Why are you the best person or company for me to choose?”


I write you an About page that gives such a convincing, motivating, compelling portrait that the customer recognizes they have no other choice but YOU!



"Gail is an expert at capturing your essence, your message

and your gifts and translating them into a bio that captivates and inspires your intended audience. Without embellishing or overstating, Gail helps you present yourself in your best light, allowing clients to see how you can best address their needs. She stretches your vision of yourself just enough for you to grow into a grander version of who you are.

Georgia LaCroix

Wholistic Healing Coach at Cardinal Center for Healing



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